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Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve Greek culture in Paros and the surrounding Cycladic islands. This involves the maintenance of physical artifacts and historical places, but it also includes the continuance of local traditions and values. We aim to do this by providing upkeep for local monuments, artifacts and historical sites, while also maintaining some of the oldest Cycladic traditions. Our goal is also to advocate for cultural preservation further than just the Greek borders but to the world as a whole. 


This organization was started because of our love for our country and what it means to be Greek. It was started to ensure that Greek culture does not start to fade in a time where care for artifacts and historical places is lessening and Greek traditions are slowly adapting to fit tourist ideals. Although the merging of cultures and the metamorphosis of the Greek identity is something that we support, the roots of our islands are something that must be kept alive. 


We intend to do this by using a network of professional cultural preservationists to understand what needs to be done to preserve artifacts and monuments. We will act on their knowledge and, along with local governments and money from donations, we will focus on the upkeep of different monuments and important places. We will also keep traditions and Cycladic culture alive by using donations to fund different yearly festivals and ensure that all of the classic Cycladic traditions have enough money and personnel to run smoothly. Overall, we have one goal: To preserve culture!

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