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Our Programs

How we plan to help Cycladic Preservation


Advocacy for Cultural Preservation

The first branch of the organization involves advocacy for cultural preservation and useful information about cultural preservation for those who need it, which will be done on this website. Our website will involve interviews with Cycladic, Greek, and International scholars on the topic of cultural preservation as well as the topic of the importance of maintaining culture in general. These interviews will include a mix of Greek and English.

Donations and Fundraising Campaigns

The second branch of our organization will be involving donations and fundraising campaigns. There will be different fundraising campaigns to choose from (e.g. 2023 Parian cultural festival, or refurbishment of the altar in Panagia Ekatontapiliani). Aside from our website, this will also be done in person in Greece or even possibly with the Greek-American community in New Jersey.


 Hands-on Safeguarding and Preservation

The third branch of the organization will be actual hands-on safeguarding and preservation projects. Especially over the summer, there will be projects where our organization goes to different monuments to help with hands-on clean-up (e.g. cleaning up the Byzantine Route in Lefkes village). 

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